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Thranduil x Reader: Handwriting
      The scratching of your delicate reed pen drowns out the sounds of your thoughts, a soothing noise that breaks the stifling silence of the room.
      “Why would such a child be awake at a starless dawn?”
      You do not flinch at the cold tone the voice carries, only keep your eyes fixed steadily on your paper. One jump of the hand, and you could have made an ugly slash across the parchment.
      “You should be sleeping, my lord.”
      Thranduil glides without a sound into the room, as always, dressed in robes of sewn starlight, with the ever-present crown spined with rowan berries. “As should you. No one should be up so late when the moon dies for the sun.”
      The tip of your pen scrawls out a particularly long flourish, a trailing path of glowing ink. “But I am no king of Mirkwood.”
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 268 52
Important to me (LucciXReader)
               You straightened out your large frilly skirt as you locked your door behind you. You look at yyour locket and smile before uttering an ‘Another day, grandma’ under your breath. You began to walk downstairs to a store front with many clothes lining the front. Baskets of plushies are nestled against the front counter and yarn balls line behind the register along with knitting needles. You and you alone ran the tailor shop. You sold anything that could be sewed, crocheted, knitted, weaved, anything to do with fabric you were all over. You also had a soft heart with an even softer voice. You took some cat food from under the register and went outside. Already there were some mewling cats waiting for you to feed them.
               “H-hello little ones…” you smiled at the stray cats. You absolutely adored cats, and they were often your m
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 223 27
Reading Your Thoughts (Lucci X Reader)
'He was the silent observer, the one who could see right through you. He had the eyes of a merciless man who would never allow anyone get in his way and a darkened heart that shut others out. His sense of leadership and terrifying combat ability have gained admiration and respect from others around him, especially the World Government. But what was it about him that made me nervous when he's around or smile at the slightest thought of him? Was it the clean-cut suits he wore, the stern faces he made, his deep voice that echoed through my ears, the serious personality he held, or the-
"EEEP! Kumadori! You need to stop sneaking behind me like that all the time!" you jumped up from the couch and quickly shut your journal.
"YOYOI! I didn't mean to startle you ______ but I became very interested in what you had written down."
"Y-you read it!?" You let out a sigh and glanced at your fellow member and friend. "Well since you've already read i
:iconmiss-kraken:Miss-Kraken 277 50
Lullabies LokixReader oneshot
Loki woke up with a start
He had a dream where his brother had hovered above him with Mjölnir and had smiled wickedly, his teeth dripping with blood his eyes hollow and burned. It was not his brother, his face was one of a mad person and it was covered in black burns, his hair whipping widely in the wind.
“Goodbye brother, you have had this coming for a long time now” he droned, as if poison was dripping from his words itself.
Just then two snakes had wrapped around him, constricting him. Squeezing him tighter and tighter. He felt his breath began to shorten and it was getting harder and harder to breath and think until he finally jolted awake
“(name)??!” he blindly called out into the dark “please, I need you” he desperately uttered into the dark.
You woke up to Loki jolting out of bed .His eyes were wide and wild and his breath was shallow and uneven
He was death gripping the sheets, his knuckles turning white.
He called out to the darkness
:iconsuperwholockgames:superwholockgames 332 47
Freckles Loki x Reader
You and Loki were sitting on the couch, both reading a book and listening to the rain pouring down, you both loved the rain. Loki’s arms were wrapped around you and your back was against his warm chest.
Loki all of a sudden leaned over and kissed your nose ever so lightly, he paused when he noticed a small brown spot on your cheek, he then noticed two more on your chin and begun to worry.
“(name)?” Loki mumbled into your hair
“hmmm?” you replied
“what are those little brown spots on your skin?” he inquired, a small amount of worry in his voice
“oh” you chuckled and put your book down “those are freckles, you get them when you are exposed to the sun too long”
“are they harmful?” Loki was worried now. He turned you around, causing him to release his arms from you. You protested with a objectual frown, but soon lost it when you saw how genuinely worried he was.
“No Loki they're not, sometimes freckles are
:iconsuperwholockgames:superwholockgames 618 181
Loki x Bulimic! Reader: Madness
          Bile rises to your throat, threatening to shake you apart. Your fingernails claw at the countertop, leaving white clawing marks scratched across their panes like wolf marks. You shudder, heaving your head forward in varying degrees of sickness, wiping saliva off the corner of your mouth.
          And you were still hungry.
          “For goodness sake…” you mutter darkly to yourself as you clench and unclench your fingers together, trying to ward off the usual pangs of hunger.
          It’s not that you’re starving necessarily, but every so often, once in a while, you’d get these horrible wrenches in the pit of your stomach, a gaping hole that you just felt had to be filled.
          So you ate. Gor
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 134 32
Loki x Reader: Paper Sharp
Three drops of crimson quiver on the desk, still warm from dropping from your finger. You curse again, wiping the open wound against your shirt hem. The trail it traces bleeds scarlet. 
Loki looks above the book he's reading, raising his eyebrow slightly. 
"Harsh words for a tiny scar."
Ignoring his snark, you lay your finger against the table, hissing under your breath when it squeezes out a few more droplets from pressure. A quick glance across the book you're reading, and you find a new small splatter of red decorating the edge of a page. Wonderful. 
"Oh, that's just fucking great." you grumble, resisting the urge to screw your eyes up in pain.
"Such language, Miss (y/n)."
Whipping around, you glare at him angrily while he passively smirks at your distress. He sets his book down, marking his own page carefully. 
"You know," Loki begins, sauntering towards you. "For a race that thinks it's the most superior, you really are the most idiotic."
"Oh, do
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 350 39
Braiding (Loki X Reader)
You sat on the floor of the living room of Stark Towers plaiting your hair into small braids.
It was getting dark and you’d just washed your hair, you were now braiding it so that it would go curly in the morning.
You didn’t know where anybody else was, well actually that wasn’t true, you were fairly certain that Bruce and Tony were working in the lab and the Steve was in the training room, but the tower was still unusually quiet.
“What are you doing?” You jumped slightly at the voice but then turned around to see Loki standing in the doorway,
“Braiding my hair,” You replied astutely. Loki nodded but he still looked confused.
You grinned, look on his face made his look so much like a child,
“You have no idea what that is do you?” Loki’s eyes narrowed,
“Yes I do,”
“What is it then?”
“Erm…What you’re doing…?” You rolled your eyes and continued to do your hair.
After a minute
:iconcookiemeg:CookieMeg 558 99
Let Her Go (ReidXReader Songfic)
Let Her Go
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
   It had been one month, an entire month of mourning and solemnity in the BAU. Most having at degrees in psychology, they all knew that sooner or later they would have to accept the loss and move on, but none of them wanted to. The building was duller, less alive with your absence. Morgan was no longer joking and Garcia was barely speaking. Elle and JJ were handling your death better than the others, at least in public, but then there was Reid- Reid who had held you in his arms as the life had slipped from your body, Reid who had loved you to the very end.
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go
   The first two weeks he hadn’t shown up for work, not answering the team’s calls and barely l
:iconkrazykitkatlaugh:krazykitkatlaugh 76 14
Rock Star - Spencer Reid x Reader
The case was finally finished. After a grueling week and a half, the Unsub had been caught and you and the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit were flying back to DC from Miami, FL. You were the newest member of the BAU and still finding your place within the team. Everyone seemed to accept you and that made you happy.
You were relaxing on the jet with your iPod, oblivious to anything or anyone around you. One of your favorite rock songs started and you began pretending to play the drums and lip-sync the lyrics, not knowing that you were being watched.
Dr. Spencer Reid took a break from his reading and looked up to see you playing air drums and moving your mouth to the lyrics of whatever song that was playing. He smiled, thinking how cute and adorable you looked.
He watched you for a minute more until you finally looked his way and noticed him watching you. You blushed as you both made eye contact and stopped your air drums. You looked away, embarrassed that Spencer Reid, the man y
:iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 296 41
Pool Time (Spencer Reid X Reader)
WARNING: Sexual references
“Come on Reid, can’t I go swimming?” You whined to the male in front of you, who was blocking the door to the pool.
“No, __y/n__, it’s not safe.” Reid replied hastily.
“Please? I haven’t been swimming in ages, and I’ll just go for a few minutes. Besides, I have you to protect me.” You said, a light blush dusting your cheeks. You saw Reid flush slightly and took that opportunity to bolt past him and run out the door. You pulled off your robe and hopped into the pool.
“__y/n__!” Reid called sternly.
“If you want me to come out you’re going to have to come in and get me!” You singsonged, enjoying the expression on Reid’s face. He looked conflicted, like he was trying to figure out if it was better to get you in the house or stay dry.
“There are extra swimsuits in the house.” You said when the expression on his face stayed the same.
“__y/n__, you are
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 311 34
Immeasurable (ReidXReader Oneshot)
  You’d had it all wrong. This wasn’t the everyday case of paranoid schizophrenia that you and the rest of the BAU had thought it had been, no it was so much more than that. The unsub was an organized killer, likely an experienced white male in his late thirties to early forties. This couldn’t have been his first psychotic break either. He was going to kill again, now you could almost be sure.
  The second victim's situation was so much worse than the first, signs of pre-mortem mutilation through burns, lacerations, abrasions, and contusions present. Whatever this guy had been doing, it looked like it had lasted a long time and the victim had felt every bit. How could he go from just shooting someone once to completely butchering this young woman? Now you had to start from the top of the profile and work your way down again. There was nothing else you could could do, however mu
:iconkrazykitkatlaugh:krazykitkatlaugh 116 26
Iruka x reader
“What a day!” You sighed as you plopped yourself down at your desk. It might not look like it but being a teacher in an academy for soon to be genin wasn’t as easy as it looked, it wasn’t that you hated your job on the contrary you love it. The smile on their faces each time they got a passing grade was more than enough payment for the countless hours you've spent grading papers and tutoring students. Not to mention that you love each and every one of them like they were your own and would do anything for them. You looked at the stack of papers and tests with tired eyes.
“Well I better get started, I promised them I’d have these test graded by tomorrow.” An amused laugh echoed through the classroom
“You know you shouldn’t push yourself so hard {Name}" You turned your head to the source which was no other Iruka Umino leaning against the doorway of your classroom. You gave a small laugh with your hand covering your mouth. Although you
:iconyabre12:yabre12 205 23
Not Today Madara X Reader
        “This is going to be absolutely perfect. He should be back any minute now.” Sinking behind the cave wall, you held your breath and waited for Madara to return. Since you'd become his pupil, this was the seventh, or maybe even eight attempt you'd made to prank him. You knew he hated it, and you knew you should really stop, but you couldn't help yourself. Maybe if just one of your pranks actually worked you could bring yourself to stop, but quitting now just seemed like a waste.
Your thoughts were stifled as you heard him enter the cave. Your heart synced to the quiet sound of his footsteps, until they suddenly stopped. Wondering what could have happened, you peeked around the corner, and saw nothing. “You wouldn't be looking for me now would you?” Madara was behind you. And judging by the sound of his voice, he wasn't very happy.
Slowly turning around, your gaze met his. His face showed no emotion at all, and that worried you. “O
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 195 12


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